Photo by Isabel Dressler

Photo by Isabel Dressler

Paisley’s voice brings new dimension to the genre. Far from the tried and true baritones of your Waylons and Merles, he evokes something slightly punk rock. Imagine Blink 182’s Tom Delonge was raised on Hank Williams, and you’ll get the idea. It’s kind of like Jack White singing “Jolene”. Yeah, it’s a man singing to a man, but if you can squash the homophobia, it just sounds like a good, passionate song. - Skope Magazine
Paisley Fields is an act that deserves to go big, with enough charisma for pop crossovers and enough authenticity for the country scene.

4/5 stars
-Indie Pulse Magazine

Paisley Fields

“Glitter & Sawdust is gorgeous Nashville pop with a honky tonkheart, from the hillbilly jam ‘Winchester’s Gun’ to a phenomenal cover of Little Big Town’s pot-stirrer “Girl Crush”. -Noisey
“I love them and they give me a thrill – that kind of heart-to-heart connection that we all search for in our music. It’s a powerful. engaging album. Glitter & Sawdust proves that queer themes can and should belong in the classic country canon.”  - Wide Open Country

“Alt-country band The Paisley Fields just released the music video for their latest single, “Butterflies,” and it’s taking us on an animated journey with two gay lovers. After wrapping up a tour of Pride festivals this summer, the band is now hitting the road to play songs off of their new EP, Oh These Urban Fences, which includes the new track” - NEWNOWNEXT

About to drop their newest album, entitled “Glitter and Sawdust”, Paisley has created a strong buzz in the country music industry.
-Vents Magazine
Paisley embraced his Midwestern roots for these songs, and the songs shine with those complicated emotions: nostalgia, happiness, heartbreak, isolation. Oh These Urban Fences is a labor of love that demands your attention. - No Depression
I love Paisley Fields. He has that great Parton pop sensibility with Parsons whole country rock feel, before it was Californialized. - AudioFuzz



Dixie Queen (EP, 2013)

Not GonnaBe Friends (Single, 2014) 

She’s No Angel (Single, 2014) 

Oh These Urban Fences… (EP, 2015)

Purse First (Writer, single 2016)

Glitter & Sawdust (LP, 2018)