Paisley Fields

Paisley Fields are an alt-country band, unapologetic about pushing boundaries and seeking inspiration in the unexpected. Though lead singer James Wilson is inspired by classic country music, he wanted Paisley Fields’ music to reflect the modern world. 

Noisey writes, “Glitter & Sawdust is gorgeous Nashville pop with a honky tonkheart, from the hillbilly jam ‘Winchester’s Gun’ to a phenomenal cover of Little Big Town’s pot-stirrer “Girl Crush”. 

Wide Open Country writes “I love them and they give me a thrill – that kind of heart-to-heart connection that we all search for in our music. It’s a powerful. engaging album. Glitter & Sawdust proves that queer themes can and should belong in the classic country canon.” 

-Billboard charting songwriter

-170K+ Youtubeviews

-Two time ASCAP Plus Songwriters’ award winner

-Opened for Indigo Girls, Taylor Dayne, Mya, En Vogue, Bonnie McKee



Dixie Queen (EP, 2013)

Not GonnaBe Friends (Single, 2014) 

She’s No Angel (Single, 2014) 

Oh These Urban Fences… (EP, 2015)

Purse First (Writer, single 2016)

Glitter & Sawdust (LP, 2018)