5 Bands You Need to Know About in 2015

Pre-sale starts October 2nd. Visit thepaisleyfields.com/store

Pre-sale starts October 2nd. Visit thepaisleyfields.com/store

With all this shameless promotion going on for The Paisley Fields new EP Oh These Urban Fences… (due out in November), I thought it would be nice to highlight some of my favorite new bands. Below is my list for new bands to watch this year.


Quarter is an avant-garde composer who has stated his influences are hibiscus trees, starfish, rain and Bjork. Like Sigur Ros, he will occasionally use nonsense words as lyrics, though his style and execution is completely different. With Quarter running across the stage dressed as a cloud, his performances mesmerize.

Pig Shit Motherland

Move over Diarrhea Planet, another stinker is coming through. Pig Shit Motherland is a death metal band from Iowa. The group met while working at a Hy-Vee grocery store. The band has built an impressive following in their home state, after playing the prestigious 80/35 Festival. Next up, Pig Shit Motherland is embarking on a national tour in support of their debut album, Fuck Your Eyeballs.

Baptist Explosion

Baptist Explosion seamlessly fuses big band, barbershop and soul music. The group is made up of four former Baptist ministers. Tired of the confines of the church, the singers decided to form the band and hit the road. They don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Their performances at Cochella and Bonaroo brought the crowd to its knees. Baptist Explosion’s harmonies are tight, and their sound rivals the Dap Kings.

Blue Ridge Bandit Mountain Maidens

The Paisley Fields played with these amazing ladies on a big US tour last year. These seven sisters from Appalachia sing incredible, seven-part vocal harmonies and play banjo. They sound like a fever dream of whiskey, banjo and lust. Be sure to catch them at Billy’s Backdoor BBQ in Bushwick next month!


Another Brooklyn band made the list. One might think a punk band whose lyrics consist only of variations on the word fuck might get a little gimmicky. But FuckFuckFuck pulls it off with aplomb. Look for their new album, Fuckity Fuckle Fucknubbit in early 2016.

And remember, look for all these bands coming to a venue not near you at all, never.