The Surprising Threat to Christianity that No One is Talking About

I’m not going to use her name, but a certain county clerk was released from jail this week. She stood beside two government officials before a large crowd of supporters who cheered her on.

This woman was jailed for breaking the law. Her defense was the law conflicted with her religious beliefs. Her religious beliefs are that gay people should not be married.

The bigots who support her claim, that as Christians they cannot condone equality for the LGBTQ community. What they don’t realize is the hate they are spreading does more damage to their religion, than it does to the LGBTQ community.

By using Christianity as impetus for their hate, they are aligning their religion with a message of hate. This association has given Christianity a bad stigma. You would think those who claim to be so fervently Christian would be concerned their actions are having a very real and negative impact on the perception of their religion.

These hateful people define themselves by their religion, and any perceived attack on Christianity is viewed as a personal attack. Therefore, what they are doing is fueled by personal opinion, rather than upholding the values of the Christian religion. They don’t care if the rest of the world sees Christianity as a group determined to spread a message of hate.

People that stand against marriage equality are scared of losing power. The LGBTQ community had an enormous victory this year, and that has taken away some of their power. We are one step closer to being seen as equal in the eyes of the law, and these people can’t accept that.

As humans, many of us deeply value our spirituality and religious affiliation. It can define us down to our core. There is nothing wrong with that. I am all for finding strength and solace where you can.

People that stand with that certain clerk are defined by their religion. And because they feel threatened by us establishing our equality, this is the most the most hurtful way they can think of to get back at us. Condemn us to hell.  

But who are they to say they own Christianity? How entitled must someone be to believe that God speaks to them and only them? The message they are spreading is one of hate, not love. And that is not the kind of Christianity I was taught about growing up in the church. They are destroying what is best about Christianity.

The people against marriage equality will continue to attack us, but the good news is that we are making major steps towards achieving equal rights. 

Only light can cast out darkness. I will do my best to be a shining, gay little light.