How to Not Let People Rain on Your Rainbow (Or Otherwise Kickass) Parade

Though the LGBTQ community has made great strides towards equality in recent years, many of us still face rejection by those closest to us. We risk family and friends ostracizing us when we bear our souls and come out of the closet.

Maybe they are ashamed or just ignorant. The reason doesn’t really matter. 

There are more than seven billion people in this world. If there are a few people who won’t truly accept you for you… Byeeeeeee. If someone wants to cast you out, cast them out too.

Coming out and living your life openly is a brave, risky, rewarding and difficult thing to do. It can hurt. Don’t make it worse by allowing those negative nancys to continually rain on your rainbow parade.

Nobody has power over your emotions, but you. Accepting and loving yourself for who you truly are isn’t always easy. But it’s an important thing.

Do what it takes to accept yourself. Maybe you need to meditate, talk to someone, blast the new Diarrhea Planet record on repeat, or look up inspirational quotes on Pinterest.

No matter how cheesy is sounds, do the things that inspire you and help you come to terms with yourself. Once you do, happier, more accepting people will be drawn to you, and the haters can just fade away.

I am truly happy with the person I am today. I went through years of self-loathing, wrote hundreds of songs and had more than a few heart-to-hearts with some dear friends. I’m not saying every day is roses and butterflies, but it was undoubtedly worth all the work.

Cutting out people who didn’t respect me was something I needed to do. If someone doesn’t respect you, there’s no need to keep them around. When you find people that love and respect you, cherish those relationships. Because after all, it’s the people you love that matter most.

Here are my tips for when someone does rain on your rainbow, or otherwise kickass parade.

-Call a friend or family member you enjoy talking to.

-Read a good book.

-Create art.

-Write a poem.

-Go for a walk in your favorite part of town.

-Take a vacation.


-Cook your favorite meal.


-Get a massage.

-Go shopping.

-Meet up with some friends.

-Go to a concert.

-Watch the stars.

-Listen to your favorite record.

-Watch a movie.

-Help someone in need.

-Go bird watching.

-Swim in the ocean.


-Reorganize a room.

-Clean out clutter.

-Comment on this blog ;)

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