My Checklist to Plan a Kickass Tour


Photo by John A. Stevens. New album is available at

Photo by John A. Stevens. New album is available at

The Paisley Fields are on tour this week, so I thought I would share my tips for planning a band tour. Below is my month-by-month checklist.

4 Months Out

Brainstorm tour dates and cities. 

Compile a list of potential venues and bands. 


3 Months Out

Plan the route.

Contact the first round of venues.

Contact local acts to share the stage.

Order merchandise.


2 Months Out

Confirm about 50% of the shows.  

Have a draft of the press release written.

Compile/update your press list.

Make needed adjustments to itinerary. 

Follow up with local acts. 


1 Month Out

Send out press release. 

Start making lodging arrangements. 

Begin social media promotion.

Finalize venues for all shows.  

Finalize lineups for all shows. 


2 Weeks Out

Continue promotion. 

Practice, practice, practice. 

Finalize lodging.

Finalize transportation.  


1 Week Out

Promote shows on social media.

Practice, practice, practice.


Day before

Make a list of things to pack.

Pack that shit!



Day 1

Have fun!

Make a ton of new fans!